LED Lighting

Every wine rack and cellar differs in form, style and size. The purpose they all share is to protect and display a valuable and delicate treasure: your wine collection.  LED lighting contributes to both the beauty and functionality of your wine storage or display.

Our LED lighting solutions are custom made to be integrated into our wine rack and cellar designs to complement the quality and functionality of each unique racking system with a wine-safe, professionally lit finish. Whether linear, spotlight or light pool effects, LED lighting creates an evenly lit space with appropriate highlights of bottles, shelves or room elements.  All the low-profile lights are designed so that you see the effect but not the fixture.  These dimmable lights offer brightness control for luminosity that is always perfect.  Wine safety is critical: LED lights use 80% less power, produce no UV radiation, generate almost no heat and offer a 50,000-hour lifetime that virtually eliminates the need for replacing the lights.

LOW HEAT GENERATION Traditional lighting produces significant amounts of heat and creates "hot spot" micro climates in wine storage areas. Temperature fluctuation is one of the most damaging influences that accelerate a destructive wine aging process, resulting in poor taste and color.

ZERO UV LIGHT Exposure to ultraviolet light from flourescent and incandescent lighting causes irreversible damage to wine. UV light rapidly degrades otherwise stable organic compounds like tannins that contribute to the aroma, flavor and structure of your wine.

THE PERFECT WHITE LIGHT Our LED lighting comes in two wine-friendly white colors.  Chardonnay White is a warm color that mimics candle light for ambient light or cozy mood effects. Riesling White is a more neutral white light that is perfect for filling, accenting or highlighting.

CONDENSATION FREE The heat from traditional lights causes temperature variances that lead to condensation, damaging labels and reducing the value of wine stored as an investment, or spoiling the presentation of a bottle opened for that perfect occasion.

UNIQUE & FLEXIBLE FORM FACTORS Because LED based light is produced by a silicon wafer, there are no large physical bulbs or tubes like traditional lighting which limit the flexibility of installation.  LED lights can be installed out of sight and make the focus the cellar and the wine, not the lights.

If you have a special situation or want some assistance, please Contact Us so that one of our designers can assist you in choosing the right lighting solution for your project.